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Diverse Educational Arts delivers a true taste of vibrant Indian culture to children, in a way that engages and brings it to life for your children. We structure our sessions to embrace the diversity of Indian culture, from history and beliefs, through dance and fashion, to food and traditional stories.


We unveil fascinating and intriguing insights to Indian stories, history and myths, combined with current teaching disciplines (Mantle of the Expert/Freeze Frames/Thought Tracking/Teacher in Role etc.), to produce half and whole days of child–centric learning and play, base around the Literacy Framework.


Bringing fun and excitement into the classroom, Diverse Educational Arts introduces pupils to a wide variety of Indian dance, from Bhangra to Bollywood, telling stories through safe activity and social engagement, giving them a chance to learn without textbooks.


A real opportunity for children of all ages and backgrounds to experience the true ‘taste’ of Indian culture. Everyone gets the opportunity to try authentic, safely prepared Indian curries and chapatis, and even make a simple chickpea curry and the very best, fresh chapattis. There’s even a chance for children (and teachers!) to take samples home…

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