What is Diverse Educational Arts about?

About Us

My name is Kamlesh Kaur Parmar. I am a fully qualified primary school teacher with over 30 years of classroom teaching experience. Whilst I teach a broad range of subjects, my passion lies in helping children learn through the creative and performing arts.

I strongly believe that this helps foster an atmosphere where learning is natural, easy, intuitive and – of course – a great deal of fun. I also believe that this helps to equip children with the tools not only to learn but understand, and celebrate the diverse multicultural world they live in.

A few years ago it was this passion that led me to think about how schools and teachers could be helped in encouraging children to learn about and appreciate this diversity. Specifically, as a British Asian, how could I help children understand the richness of, for example, India through storytelling, drama, art, singing, dancing and yes even cooking? Thus, Diverse Educational Arts (DEA) was born.

DEA aims to bring to life the tapestry of India, engaging children’s natural curiosity through creative and performing arts.

DEA makes learning fun through a variety of interactive and visual workshops, all designed to encourage children to absorb and explore India’s past and present. It also allows schools to show how they are actively engaged in the requirements of the National Curriculum regarding cultural diversity and RE through drama.

Diverse Educational Arts is the result of my lifelong ambition to combine my passion for teaching, performing and creative arts with introducing children to the beautiful variety of cultures that, today, makes modern day Britain.

Embracing Culture

Open your children’s senses to the cornucopia of sights, sounds and tastes of modern and ancient India.
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